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  • Is my business paying the correct amount of taxes?

  • Is it paying too much tax?

  • Do I know what kind of taxes my business needs to pay?

  • Have all the necessary tax returns been filed?

  • If these questions sound familiar, you are not alone. Filing tax returns, and computing the correct amount of tax to pay can be challenging for anyone. But, if you are running a business, it can be overwhelming! Not only do you need to keep up with the federal US tax laws, but what about the complex and varied rules for each state (or country) that apply to businesses and their owners? It is enough to make you want to crawl under your desk and hide!

    We can help you navigate the maze of tax rules, make sure you know what is required of you and your business, and help you with filing and paying all necessary taxes.


    How many hats are you wearing today? As an entrepreneur, the care and watering of your own business is often neglected. Although you know the importance of keeping your financial information up to date, the pressing demands of running your business often cause that task to be pushed to the bottom of the list of fires to put out.

    Let us help you design and implement the best system for managing and tracking the finances of your business. A system that works best for the unique team that is you and your business. We can provide support with choosing and setting up your accounting software, and making sure everything is running smoothly. Or, if you prefer, we can help you outsource some or all of the accounting function.

    Of course the main goal of collecting and tracking financial data is to use that information to grow your business and make it more profitable. We can help you understand what all those numbers really tell you about the health of your business. And, if you struggle with managing money, we know some tricks for getting things back on track, and can offer the crucial support and accountability necessary to make meaningful progress.


    There is good news and bad news. The good news is your business is growing, and as a result you need to add more manpower to your team! The bad news is now you are officially an employer and will have to navigate the complex world of payroll, payroll taxes, HR rules and requirements and all that comes with managing employees! It is important to know the rules, and be doing what is necessary, but there is no reason this additional piece of your business life should cause you long term pain. Seeing this change coming down the pike, and planning for it, will allow for a smooth transition.

    There are alternatives to managing this piece of your business, you can outsource this function, handle it internally, or consider blend of the two. We can give you the information you need to make the best decision for your business right now, and we can assist with the process of getting a system set up and working.


    Deciding to become a business owner is a big, scary step, and making that decision is a courageous leap of faith! As the reality of your decision settles in, the doubts and questions can surface:

  • Is my business paying the correct amount of taxes?

  • Is it paying too much tax?

  • Do I know what kind of taxes my business needs to pay?

  • Have all the necessary tax returns been filed?

  • Sound familiar? We can help you with each step of the business management and growth process. Whether you are just starting out, need a course correction, or are looking to grow, we have support and resources to help you succeed.

    We will help you

  • Get a clear picture of the present state of your business

  • Figure out the vision for the future of your business

  • Formulate a plan to achieve your vision and create an impactful business

  • Help you develop benchmarks to monitor your progress and make sure you are moving in the right direction

  • We love to see entrepreneurs flourish, and their businesses make a positive difference to their owners, customers and community!



     Just thinking about your annual tax preparation appointment, conjures up comparisons to the time you had that root canal. We know how common the dread is, and we will work hard to create a different experience for you. We will help you

  • Stay informed about the rules that affect you and how they apply to your unique situation

  • Understand what information you must gather for the preparation of your return

  • Provide you with tools to streamline that process, and help you compile a complete, precise set of documents to complete your tax returns.

  • Once the returns are complete, we will help you understand what it all means, and be sure you know what you must file, and the tax you must pay. We are also here to assist with questions, with what if scenarios, and with emotional support and professional advice when you get “that letter” from the IRS!


    Right up there with getting your taxes done, is managing your money. There are always more opportunities to spend than money available, and there is always the dilemma of how to make the right choice about using this limited resource.

    What may not be clear, is the fact that behaviors we learn, and patterns we develop impact our ability to manage money significantly. Once you understand why you spend the way you do, and acquire the tools you need, you can correct your course, and we can help.



    Many people find themselves in the situation where they are having to navigate the complex rules of computing the tax liability and filing the tax returns for trusts and estates. For the average person (and even some professionals), this is like trying to read Greek.

    So, if it doesn’t excite you to think of learning a new section of the tax code, let us translate it for you! We have experience with every aspect of fiduciary accounting and tax preparation, and have worked with clients at all levels of knowledge to make sense of the rules as they relate to their particular situation.


    You are the financially savvy one in your family, and you have the honor of being elected to figure out the planning and management of the family nest egg. Only, you do not have a clue!

    Or, you are the one who has created this nest egg and are anxious to make the right decisions for your children and grandchildren, so this valuable financial legacy will bear the most fruit. Whatever the situation, if you are looking for some support and guidance in this area, let’s talk and see how we can assist you.